18 Feb

Four Hair Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

Almost everyone believes that women with longer hair are more attractive than those who shave their heads. The longest hair will get even more attention if it has volume and timeless sheen to it. One could, therefore, say that hair is the woman’s best asset, besides her face and skin. Although women would like to have those bouncy locks that would turn heads everywhere, some just do not know how to attain them. First, depending on race, some women’s hair does not grow very long.

Hair Maintenance Tips

No matter how hard they try it the genes responsible for hair growth and appearance will take the lead. Nevertheless, beautiful hair can be achieved even if it just can’t grow beyond your shoulders. If you can follow hair tips that are suitable for your hair type, it will look beautiful in the eyes of others and yours. There are so many techniques that ladies can use to have the healthiest and loveliest hair. Some of these tips and techniques are as explained below.

Wash your Hair

If you hair is dry and frizzy, ensure that you wash it only with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water will make it more frizzed and dehydrated. Shampooing your hair more than thrice a week is not recommended as it may weaken and become drier. Wash your hair gently as it becomes brittle when wet. Measure your shampoo according to the instructions shown on the label. It would be wiser to use a little amount as you cannot really tell whether your shampoo has harmful elements.

Oil and Moisturize

Hair varies widely in terms of the amount of moisture it can hold and for how long. If your hair tends to dry out too fast, you have to avoid hot treatments of any kind. Then you need to protect your hair when going out in the sun. You can use the best hair oils for your hair. Most people find natural oils such coconut, olive and others very good at moisturizing hair. It is upon you to locate the oils that can hydrate your hair and make it glossy and beautiful.

Condition your Hair

To lock in the moisture you have just provided above, so that your shafts can remain hydrated and immune from dirt and UV rays, you should condition it. The leave in conditioner is such an imperative addition to your current hair care products. If you want to a home-made conditioner, a mixture of mashed avocado and eggs will do. There are other hair masks too including one that contains only coconut milk for soothing your scalp, improving hair texture and boosting hair growth.

Massage your Scalp

Some women love body massage yet they forget their scalp. This kind of massage can be done at home at least two times a week. With some pure lavender oil or any other related oil you can massage your scalp to promote blood circulation and flow. And with more blood flow you can enjoy seeing your hair growing much faster and becoming healthier.