5 Jan

Top Three Smart Phones To Replace Your Camera

The introduction of smartphones with advance features of photo shooting has affected the market of camera. People are interested in purchasing smartphones than camera. The camera phones have changed the notion of the traditional photography as we can easily carry it with ourselves in our pocket or purse. Of course, we all know that a phone is never going to replace a full-bodied, single-lens reflex camera, otherwise known as an SLR. However, there is just no way to grasp a powerful, SLR-type lens into the small body of a phone. You can take good pictures with a high-end phone, including LG, G3 and Google’s Nexus 6. In this article, I am going to provide you with the brief idea about the top three smartphones that have replaced our camera.

Smartphones at Top 3 Positions:

Most of us underestimate the capabilities of our smartphones camera. By tweaking, the settings, angle and lighting, plus the use of multi-featured apps and tools we might able to snap more interesting and beautiful pictures. The top three smartphones, which provides clear-cut pictures with advance setting and features, are listed below:

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Camera:

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Camera

When iPhone 5 introduced, I declared that iPhone 5S to be the best camera phone. However, this year the introduction of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus proved it wrong. The cameras of these two models are far better and advance then iPhone 5S model. Everyday people take photos with iPhone than with any other camera. It is because of iSight camera, in addition to its large 1.5 micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture make it so remarkable. Now, the world’s most popular camera is packet with the new technologies to help people to take more beautiful pictures.

To make the video shooting easy and just amazing the Company also added some new features like the option to capture 1080p HD at 60fps, 240-fps slo-mo and time-lapse video. After shooting the HD video you can watch its stunning result on the large Retina HD Display. The iPhone shines in a wide range of settings, making it an overall great choice for capturing impromptu moments. If you want the larger viewing screen than go for iPhone 6 Plus not for camera. iPhone 6 perform much better for camera.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge:

Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

The Note camera’s 16 megapixels is among the highest in smartphones. With the side display, the Galaxy Note Edge’s camera functions more like a standalone, point-and-shoot camera, as the shutter button and other functions appear on top when the phone is held horizontally. As far as specifications are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features a 5.6-inch Quad-HD+ (1440+160×2560 pixel) Super AMOLED display. So now, you can shoot brighter and clearer images using Rear and Front camera. 3.7MP front-facing F1.9 lens camera, and a 16MP Smart OIS back camera provides you the best results for every moment of your life even in dark surroundings. If you would like to get far better performance from your Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge devices, then you should root your device. Although it void’s the warranty, rooting will help you in a lot of ways.

Microsoft’s Lumia

Microsoft’s Lumia

Microsoft’s Lumia 1520 has a more than capable camera, but the slowness of capturing and saving the photos often lets it down. Even as Lumia phones are known for their low-light performance, rivals have caught up. And the Icon’s ability to take images of up to 19 megapixels no longer is impressive. The new Lumia Camera update also includes support for recording 4K-quality videos, improved capture for auto HDR, and Dynamic Flash. While the camera improvements are rolling out Microsoft’s high-end Lumias, they don’t appear to be arriving on the Lumia 1020, with no mention of additional support for the 41-megapixel shooter. You can control shutter speed, light sensitivity, white balance and other settings you typically only get with an SLR. It is the camera for taking professional-looking photos.

Well friends these are some brief ideas on top three smartphone that I have shared with you. Hope you like it and it will be useful to you while purchasing new smartphones. In case, if you are using Android device and fond of apps and games, then I recommend checking out appsforpcdownloads.com blog for more updates. There are several good applications available which you can use on your PC. The most popular kik for PC is also possible to operate from the PC. Virtually, any android apps or game can be played on PC.