5 Mar

Take Advantages Of HostGator’s Reseller Plan To Start Your Own Business

HostGator offers the reseller plans as the best way that people can earn the money with their hosting plans or they can become full-time companies for web hosting services. You can get your own web hosting customers and if you are a web designer, you will use the services to add the value to the existing services you offer to your customers.

hostagtor reseller

You get everything you want with a reseller plan

The reseller plan has everything that you wish to have in order to start own web hosting company. The plans help you to create the cPanels for every client and the WHM and WHMCS helps out with the billing aspects of the company. Since the company covers all the basics, you will be free to market or to grow the business in all the ways that you want to choose. You can update the plan easily if you have outgrown the plan you have chosen before and you can transfer to dedicated server.

You get powerful tools with your reseller plan. You will get access to anything you need from the billing software to the WHM tools. The plan is flexible with an overall resource allocation which can fit the needs of the clients at the best. The service are scalable because there is nothing to pay in order to upgrade the services offered by the company and which may make the business to grow.

When you have the reselling plan, you are allowed to run the business anyhow you want. You get access to the resources allocation, payment methods and other additional services that you may choose to offer to your clients such as SSL certificate or domain names.

HostGator’s reselling plan is considered to be the best

When you join the HostGator’s reselling plans, you will find that there are few factors which contribute to the superiority of these plans compared to other reselling plans from the competitors. The important features of the website are that it offers the unlimited domain name with the company uptime of 99.9 percent. And if you use HostGator coupons, then you get your hosting account at a far better price than others.

There are other features that you will enjoy as a client of HostGator ‘s reselling plan. The reseller will get access to the GigE connection which is supported by the 10 backbone connection in order to ensure the maximum uptime. You can get easy setup and secure account management software to use in order to take care of the aspects of reselling account. You get instant backups that keep the websites and the files of the clients safe when there is any malfunction and error. You get quality support for 24 hours a day which will help you in minimizing any difficult or other potential problem. If you would like to become a reseller, it is good to be acquainted by different services offered by HostGator. The company has the reputation to offer a reliable uptime and the best support together with enough features and security to its customers.

4 Mar

Top Ten Best Sports For The US People

The world keeps amazing and fascinating places for the tourists. It is a big myth that no one can cover all the favorite places, things, habits and activities in the life. However, it is possible to get or achieve some targets by focusing on the top ten lists. Do you know the top ten best sports loved by the US citizens? Most of the people don’t know this easy question. Let’s see the list right now (Note: For similar interesting lists, visit topsixlist today.)

Top Ten Best Sports For The US People

  1. Football: Well, it is the first well known game in USA. According to the latest sports surveys, football is the most wanted game in this country. More than 90 % US like this game for play and watch.
  2. Baseball: This game comes at second position because of the ranking. More than 86 % people love to watch this game on TV or Live. This game is being more popular at school or college levels.
  3. Basketball: One of the most interesting games for the young boys in this country. This game is mostly preferred for the college tournaments and festivals. State teams and leagues are also available.
  4. Hockey: USA has a big team of hockey participating in national and international events. It is believed that hockey is famous because of the excellent records. Today, US hockey team is considered a strong opponent.
  5. Soccer: When talking about the top ten popular games in USA, it is difficult to forget the Soccer. No doubt, this game is popular because of the viewership but participation of the supporters is another interesting point making it popular.
  6. Golf: As a matter of fact, numerous US Golfers have made a big name in this sport. Americans are known to play the golf according to the national and international standards.
  7. Tennis: US player have earned a prominent name in this game. Serena Williams and Venus Williams are two big names capturing the scope. This game is very popular in this USA.
  8. Martial arts: No doubt, Kung Fu seems an activity for Chinese people but US people also love to learn martial arts. USA won multiple medals in Olympics and other regional game competitions for the martial arts.
  9. Biking: Biking has become one of the most popular sports in USA. It is believed that biking is used as an entertainment source by fundraising companies. Biking events are also organized by the NGOs and other communities for the national and international levels.
  10. Wrestling: Don’t forget the wrestling when finding the top games in this country. It is believed that men as well as women love to watch and participate in wrestling events. Multiple wrestling shows and events are organized by the popular TV channels.