31 Oct

Top 5 reasons to buy Segway miniPro Smart Self Balancing Scooter:

The self balancing scooter is a personal transportation for a current generation. The segway brand has developed the features to produce a latest two wheel self balancing scooter and named as Segway minipro. When riding this scooter you will get fun, safety and new experience which other scooters doesn’t give you.

The following are the five reasons why you need to buy this fun and smooth riding scooter.

The first Smart Segway:

The advanced self-balancing scooter is Segway minipro. The minipro can track the rider movements through complex algorithms. It can also monitor the speed, dashboard; LED light and security alarm are controlled remotely with the Ninebot Segway app.

Smooth Ride:

Segway minipro is built with the advanced technology. Some self-balancing scooters are not able to ride in slopes, cuts,and road obstacles because it may cause a problem or completely stop the scooter. The minipro is made up of 10.5 inches pneumatic tires so it can allow riding in all places with comfortable and smooth riding.


In a single charge you can ride up to 14 miles. The weight of this scooter is 28 pounds. And it can carry the people in weight up to 220 pounds. When compared to other scooters, the weight is a little bit more. No need to worry about weight because you can easily portable it via separating the steering bar. Like Swagway X1 the weight is high.

Safety Certified:

The first self-balancing scooter which gets the UL 2272 certification is Segway minipro. This certification states that this scooter contains the fire and electrical safety needs.

Comfort and Control:

It has a unique design for knee control bar. You can fully adjust the knee-control bar for a comfortable ride. It also has an automatic headlight.